Programs and other projects

Name Platform Status Language, libraries / tools Date Description
Fridge many (Java, command-line and web), Android, iPhone Working, ongoing PHP, Java, Ruby, XML-RPC 2009–present A micropayments system for buying snack food. Fridge has existed for many years at the Memphis lab at Vic. I started a large redesign and rewrite of the project in 2009 to make it more secure, allow federation between multiple fridge installations in different locations, and have clients for many different platforms.
theQuotebook (previously Quoteyou) (web) Working, ongoing Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, OpenID, Gravatar 2008–present A website for people to record funny quotes from their flat, office or other social group, and then to discuss them. There are Atom feeds to subscribe to.
Ruby DACP client many (command-line) Working, ongoing Ruby 2008–2010 A Ruby library implementing the DACP protocol to control stereo, and a command-line client and other utilities using it.
Twitterpathy Linux Stalled Ruby, Telepathy, Twitter 2008 A Telepathy Twitter service, to let you use any Telepathy-based chat client as a Twitter client. Currently stalled waiting for bugs to be fixed in the Ruby DBUS libraries.
memberdb any (web) Working PHP, PostgreSQL 2007–2008 A membership database for clubs. Includes some basic integration with Mailman. This is currently used for Interface (here) and VUWCU (here).
RC Linux Working C++, Ruby, Qt 2007–2008 I got a mini remote-control car as a spot prize, so I connected the remote to my computer. I wrote some software to control it, so you can control it by clicking buttons onscreen or from a script. Backend in C++, simple GUI frontend in Ruby using the Qt bindings. lorne wrote an iPhone app to control it over a network, using the accelerometer to steer.
Infinite university any (web) Working Ruby 4/2007 An adventure-style university, that goes on (virtually) forever.
Geekpoints any (web) Working PHP, PostgreSQL 2006–2010 A website where people can award each other 'geekpoints' for doing cool geeky things. The site allows login via OpenID, and uses a number of microformats such as XFN, hCard and Pavatar.
GMUDsys many (Java) In progress Java, LambdaMOO 2006–2007 GMUDsys is a system for creating graphical MUDs. The initial game created with it will have a sci-fi theme with a variety of environments and activities.
IR receiver N/A Complete LIRC 6/2006 An infrared remote control receiver connected to a computer.
photowalk any (web) Working PHP, MySQL 11/2005 A photographic tour of some area (so far around the Mount Vic. reserviour and radio tower), where the user can navigate through a set of photographs as if they were walking around. Each photograph is displayed on its own page, along with links to allow the user to turn around and (where applicable) walk forward or possibly perform other actions.
Bob any (web) Working PHP, MySQL 10/2005 A chatterbot which learns from what people say to it, and attempts to construct appropriate new sentences.
lasertag PIC16F628A In progress gpasm (gputils), Pikdev 9/2005–2006 An attempt to build a lasertag system, using laser diodes removed from laser pointers put into plastic toy guns.
flasher PIC16F628A Working gpasm (gputils), Pikdev 8/2005 8 LEDs connectected to PIC16F628a microcontroller. Wave it back and forth and it displays 'HELLO'.
hovercraft N/A Working N/A 6/2005 A hovercraft. See the linked page for more information and photographs.
Tux racer mod N/A Mostly complete GIMP, POV-Ray 2005 A modification for Tux Racer for playing on grass rather than snow.
Arthnor N/A Playable, ongoing LambdaMOO 2002–present A MUD set in a medieval world, with fighting, skills, quests etc.. Connect to with your favourite MUD client (or telnet) to play.
plotter Linux Stalled Meccano, C++ 2003–2005 A pen-plotter built with Meccano and controlled by a computer via the parallel port. The electronics are complete, but mechanics don't work very well, and only basic software for testing has been written so far.
noughts & crosses robot RCX Mostly complete Lego Mindstorms, C, BrickOS 2004–2005 A Lego robot that can play noughts & crosses. I originally planned to design the software so that it would learn how to play well by playing games, but this didn't work out very well (partly due to the limited RAM of the RCX), so it instead uses a preprogrammed set of moves.
shipgame Linux, Windows Buggy, abandoned C, Allegro 2004 A simple game where the player must shoot down (space?-)ships coming towards them. Based on a game I saw on a TV once. Segfaults when running under Linux, I can't work out why.
mechsim Linux, Windows(?) Incomplete, abandoned C, Allegro 2004 A simple mechanics simulator, needs to be converted to use Runge-Kutta integration (rather than Euler).
wave Linux, Windows(?) Usable but no UI, abandoned C, Allegro 2004 A simple program for displaying wave interference patterns. Currently settings can only be changed by changing source and recompiling...
Starship Trader Windows Incomplete, playable, abandoned Euphoria, Allegro 2001–2002 A 2D space trading game.
TSC 2 Windows Incomplete, abandoned Euphoria, Allegro 2001 A sequel to The Silver Crown.
The Silver Crown DOS Completed Euphoria 2000–2001 A single-player 2D (bird's-eye-view) RPG with a medieval setting.